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Featuring a combination of stylish urban design and rugged good looks, and new levels of capability to get excited about, the SUBARU XV is the inspiration to live the life you want. Whether it’s a night out on the town or a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway, the SUBARU XV helps you do all the things you love, in style and in comfort. Every day can and should be, a joyful adventure.

The All-New SUBARU XV is Always Up for a Challenge.


Your Journey Begins Inside

Load It with Adventure, Fill It with Memories



A boxer engine, or a horizontally opposed engine, is an engine configuration in which its pistons move toward each other in a horizontal direction. Subaru has been solely committed to the SUBARU BOXER

engine for over 50 years for its many advantages over other engine types, providing durability and reliable performance in its vehicles.

Increased Stability


The low centre of gravity and flat design give it better side-to-side stability than other engine types.

Long-Lasting Performance


The engine’s flat design is inherently rigid and self-balancing, generating less vibration than other engine types.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD distributes power to all wheels for better traction on wet and slippery roads. Laid out in a horizontally

symmetrical plane, this system has a well-balanced low centre of gravity design for a more stable and safer ride.

Lineartronic + Active Torque Split AWD

Lineartronic adjusts to any ratio in its range for smooth and stepless gear changes that keep the engine in its most efficient range for efficient and smooth acceleration, driving performance and better fuel efficiency.

It comes paired with Subaru’s active torque split AWD system. Its default torque of 60% front and 40% rear is adjusted up to a 50/50 split in response to real-time traction conditions.

Subaru Global Platform

The Subaru Global Platform (SGP) is the underlying platform that will underpin the next generation of Subaru vehicles. Enhancing all-around safety and performance, it goes beyond better performance to offer

a driving feel you can only find in a Subaru. It’s the future of Subaru—and delivers even more enjoyment and peace of mind to all drivers and passengers.

1. More Fun to Drive


More responsive handling allows the driver to steer the car as intended, also increasing hazard avoidance. The result is a car that’s safer and more fun to drive, even on long trips. Even with its versatile high ground clearance, the all-new SUBARU XV overcomes turns like a passenger car.

2. Ride Comfort


Improvements in chassis rigidity, suspension, and stabilisers efficiently absorb shocks from the road and hide uneven surfaces, allowing more comfort and less fatigue on long rides.

3. Comfortable Cabin Space


Unpleasant vibrations or noise have been minimised to ensure all passengers enjoy the ride. Suspension improvements and a highly rigid chassis allow for a comfortable cabin interior for all.


X-MODE helps to give you reliable control with a push of a button. The technology of X-MODE takes command of the engine, transmission, Symmetrical AWD, brakes, and other components to safely navigate

through challenging road conditions and varying terrain. When X-MODE is activated, Hill Descent Control automatically helps to maintain a constant speed when the SUBARU XV is travelling downhill.

Active Safety

Advanced Safety Package: Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection (SRVD)*


Sensors placed around the vehicle alert you of vehicles in your rear blind spots for safer lane changes. It also warns you of potential collision danger while driving in reverse into a street with cross traffic.

Advanced Safety Package: High Beam Assist (HBA)*


High Beam Assist increases visibility and safety when driving at night by toggling the high beams on and off automatically, depending on driving conditions.



Design improvements have been made with the viewing angle of drivers in mind to offer better front and rear visibility.

Vehicle Dynamics Control System & Active Torque Vectoring


If the vehicle approaches the limits of stability, the AWD torque distribution, engine output, and brakes at each wheel are adjusted to help keep the vehicle on course. And with Active Torque Vectoring, brakes are applied and less torque is distributed to the inside wheels and more to the outside wheels for more precise handling, helping you make sharp turns when necessary.



*The driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving and observance of traffic regulations. Please do not depend solely on the Advanced Safety Package features for safe driving. There are limitations to the features of this system. See Owner’s Manual for complete details on system operation and limitations. Please ask your retailer for more details.

SUBARU Global Platform

Cabin-protecting Layout


The SGP’s advancements throughout the chassis—higher rigidity, higher strength, lighter weight, better rolling resistance and responsive steering—particularly benefit these safety systems.

Hazard Avoidance


Made possible by the SGP, the lower centre of gravity design, enhanced suspension system, and rigidity improvements provide a vehicle that responds immediately when evasive actions are taken, helping avoid hazards on the road.

Cabin-Protecting Layout


Now sitting lower than ever due to the low centre of gravity design of the SGP, the engine and gearbox are designed to avoid crashing into the cabin in the event of a collision.

Passive Safety

Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame


The ring-shaped reinforcement frame makes better use of high-tensile steel panels and has been structurally redesigned for more efficient energy absorption from impacts in all directions.

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)* Airbags


Front SRS* airbags, front side SRS* airbags, curtain SRS* airbags, and a knee SRS* airbag come standard on the all-new SUBARU XV to give all passengers a higher level of protection in the event of a collision.

Whiplash-mitigating Front Seats


Designed to enhance comfort and help the driver feel more planted for more control, these seats can also help reduce the possibility of whiplash resulting from certain types of collisions.

Locking-tongue Seatbelts


During an impact, the locking tongue limits movement in the lap belt and reduces impact in the lower chest area to improve safety and reduce injury levels.



Effective when used in conjunction with seatbelts.


SUBARU’s World-Leading Driver Assist Technology

At Subaru, we believe in ALL-AROUND SAFETY, and an important part of that is pre-collision safety, making sincere efforts to ensure an accident never happens. That’s why we created EyeSight*1 , Subaru’s cutting-edge driving support system. Like a second pair of eyes for the road ahead, EyeSight uses two stereo cameras to capture three-dimensional colour images with excellent image recognition, nearly as capable as the human

eye. Using images from both cameras to precisely determine the shape, speed and distance, it not only detects vehicles but also motorbikes, bicycles, and pedestrians.*2 When spotting potential danger, it warns the driver and even applies the brakes if necessary to help avoid an accident. With improved safety performance like this, EyeSight reduces the burden on the driver and enhances your sense of security in the SUBARU XV.

Adaptive Cruise Control


EyeSight*1 doesn’t only maintain the speed the driver sets as traditional cruise control does. When it senses a vehicle in front, Adaptive Cruise Control adjusts the speed to keep a set distance from the lead vehicle by monitoring the distance and the difference of the speed. It adjusts the engine, transmission and brake to keep your speed in line with the traffic flow in a wide range approximately from 0km/h to 180km/h. Designed for use on freeways, highways and similar roads, Adaptive Cruise Control actually detects a lead vehicle and its brake lamps and can help keep pace in stop-and-go highway traffic for you, a comfort and convenience on long drives.

Lane Sway and Departure Warning


When you are distracted by fatigue and are wandering or drifting in a lane, Lane Sway Warning helps you stay alert with a buzzer and a flashing indicator. However, Lane Sway Warning only activates at speeds of approximately 60 km/h or more. When travelling at speeds of approximately 50 km/h or more and you accidentally drift to the edge of your lane and begin to depart your lane without signaling, Lane Departure Warning warns you with a buzzer and a flashing indicator before you leave your lane.

Lead Vehicle Start Alert


When you’re at a stop and EyeSight senses that traffic has started moving again, Lead Vehicle Start Alert prompts the driver to take action with a buzzer and a flashing indicator.

Lane Keep Assist


While driving on freeways, highways, and similar roads, Lane Keep Assist can monitor lane markings with a stereo camera and detects when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane. At speeds of approximately 60 km/h or more, it can assist with steering wheel operation to help prevent lane departure to support safe driving.

Pre-Collision Braking System*2


When it senses an impending collision with a vehicle or other obstacle in front, the Pre-Collision Braking System can warn the driver with a buzzer and a light on your dash. If the driver still does not take evasive action to avoid the collision, the system can automatically apply the brakes to reduce any impact or, if possible, prevent the collision. If the driver takes evasive action to avoid a collision, Pre-Collision Brake Assist can act to aid the driver in preventing the collision.

Pre-Collision Throttle Management


When EyeSight sees an obstacle in front of you and you put the vehicle in Drive instead of Reverse, Pre-Collision Throttle Management sounds several short beeps, turns on a flashing indicator and cuts the engine output to help you avoid a frontal collision.



*1 EyeSight is a driving support system which may not operate optimally under all driving conditions. The driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving and observance of traffic regulations. System effectiveness depends on many factors such as vehicle maintenance, weather, and road conditions. See Owner’s Manual for complete details on system operation and limitations for EyeSight including functions in this brochure.


*2 Pre-Collision Braking System may not work in all situations. Depending on the speed difference from objects, the object’s height, and other conditions, every situation may not meet the necessary conditions for EyeSight to work optimally.


Field of vision range from EyeSight (Not an actual measurement).

Personalise Your Ride.

Whilst every SUBARU XV comes generously equipped, Subaru accessories are the perfect way to tailor your Subaru to your life and your style. Whether you want to add convenience, enhance functionality, or personalise your SUBARU XV’s appearance, Subaru accessories are designed to provide the same fit and quality as your Subaru vehicle. For more details, ask for the accessory brochure or visit your nearest Subaru retailer.

Front Grille Winglet (Black/Orange)

Front Resin Underguard

Side Resin Underguard

Rear Resin Underguard

17-inch Aluminum-alloy Wheel (Black Polish)

Carpet Mat Premium

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