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While the 2.5-litre turbocharged SUBARU BOXER engine generating 221 kW and 407 Nm of torque provides electrifying acceleration, driving performance isn’t just about numbers. That’s why the WRX STI was revamped to enhance overall driving feel. Its exceptional handling, made possible by a combination of the improved 6-speed manual transmission and Multi-mode Driver Controlled Centre Differential (DCCD), provides optimum differential control even on snowy roads. And combined with the stopping power from its Brembo* brakes and cross-drilled rotors, the WRX STI is more communicative, more responsive, and more exciting to drive in many situations. *

Brembo is a registered trademark of Brembo S.p.A.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Providing a driving experience that’s safe and also enjoyable is the top priority of Subaru engineers. That’s why almost every Subaru vehicle comes equipped with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as a standard feature. For the utmost confidence and control, there’s simply no substitute. Every day on the road presents unexpected conditions and unexpected events,

and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive helps drivers cope with these challenges by distributing torque to all four wheels, providing traction where front- or rear-wheel-drive cars falter. Whenever you’re driving a Subaru equipped with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, rest assured you’ll have peace of mind and confidence wherever you go.

Sport-Tuned Chassis


Years of heated competition, extensive testing and advances in materials and engineering, have combined to inspire chassis designs for the WRX STI. Exceptional stability and lightning quick response were central to this development, as high-tensile steel was employed throughout the frame to increase its torsional rigidity and better control the vehicle’s weight. What’s more, the suspension was tuned to exacting standards with stiffer stabilisers, quicker spring rates, and improvements like stiffer pillow ball bushings. This expertly balances stiffness and compliance to create immediate response and an unprecedented connection between driver, car and the road.

Active Torque Vectoring


This technology helps make handling more precise, whilst allowing you to push your vehicle closer to the limit. As you enter a corner and lateral g-forces take hold, the system can route power to select wheels to help you keep your intended line. This means your WRX STI responds to your steering input more immediately and more engagingly.


Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) lets you adapt the driving character of the WRX STI to your needs or desires. Whilst in Intelligent Mode [I], acceleration is smooth with an eye toward optimal efficiency. Select Sport Mode [S] for linear response, and versatile command of every condition.

To extract the maximum response from the turbocharged engine, switch to Sport Sharp Mode [S#]. It gives you the most direct throttle response and precise rev control across the entire rpm range.

Multi-Mode DCCD

The enhanced Multi-mode Driver Controlled Centre Differential (DCCD) has been revamped for even better handling ability. It allows you to dialin the centre differential locking of the WRX STI and thereby shape its handling. Thanks to chassis advancements, electronic control is now used over the entire operating range to apportion torque to the front and rear wheels.

Auto Mode finds the ideal power distribution for changing conditions, while Auto [+] keeps more power up front for increased traction. Auto [–] puts more power to the rear for tighter cornering, and the six-step Manual Mode lets you lock in your preferred handling characteristics.


Few motors have the same reputation for pure excitement on any road as the 2.5-litre turbo of the WRX STI. It flawlessly fuses raw power with total poise as its turbo spools almost instantaneously

and unleashes power for intense acceleration. Proven over the years, its performance has been made only more thrilling in the WRX STI.

2.5-litre DOHC Turbo SUBARU BOXER Engine

  • Max output 221 kW (300 PS) / 6,000 rpm
  • Max torque 407 Nm (41.5 kgfm) / 4,000 rpm

The Confidence You Need to Seek the Excitement You Desire.

As you take the WRX STI to the edge, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing Subaru has given it exceptional safety characteristics. This includes the protection of a more resilient Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame and driver’s-side knee air bag. With the assistance of Multi-mode Vehicle Dynamics Control featuring Active Torque Vectoring, and powerful Brembo *(1) brakes, your vehicle can aid you in avoiding danger before it strikes. And your power to avoid it is enhanced by the one-of-a-kind poise and grip of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

Passive Safety

Whiplash-reducing Front Seats


The WRX and WRX STI feature whiplash-reducing front seats and energy-absorbing head restraints that can help better protect front occupants from injury during a rear collision.

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)* Airbags


The WRX and WRX STI offer front SRS* airbags, front-side and curtain SRS* airbags, and a knee SRS* airbag that helps protect the driver’s lower extremities.

Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame


The Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame strengthens the passenger cabin from the roof to the doors, pillars, and floor. This design works to divert and dissipate impact energy away from the occupants in a collision. It also contributes to strengthening and lightening the chassis, leading to greater reinforced protection.

Cabin-protecting Layout


Every Subaru goes above and beyond common practice when it comes to your safety. In the event of a head-on collision, your WRX or WRX STI’s SUBARU BOXER engine and gearbox are designed to avoid rushing into the cabin for your protection.



* Effective when used in conjunction with seatbelts.

Passive Safety

Advanced Safety Package: High Beam Assist (HBA)*1


For increased awareness and visibility, the WRX and WRX STI feature High Beam Assist. HBA can automatically toggle between high and low beams depending on road conditions such as speed and oncoming traffic, enhancing visibility.



The WRX and WRX STI feature technologies that improve braking, and your safety. Brake Assist helps you fully engage the brakes in an emergency. Brake Override can help you avoid a potential hazard by overriding the gas pedal input if both the brake and gas pedal are pressed at the same time.

Advanced Safety Package: Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection (SRVD) *1


Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection uses sensors placed around the vehicle to alert you of vehicles in your rear blind spots for safer lane changes, and can also warn you of potential collision danger, while driving in reverse into a street with cross traffic.

Multi-mode Vehicle Dynamics Control System*2


Multi-mode Vehicle Dynamics Control System helps protect you from a detected loss of control while offering three distinct modes for flexible performance. Normal Mode fully engages the system. Change to Traction Mode to raise the threshold for intervention, thereby allowing you to maximise your control and the torque delivered to the wheels. You can even select Off Mode to deactivate Vehicle Dynamics Control.



*1 The driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving and observance of traffic regulations. Please do not depend solely on the Advanced Safety Package features for safe driving. There are limitations to the features of this system. See Owner’s Manual for complete details on system operation and limitations. Please ask your retailer for more details.


*2 Vehicle Dynamics Control System and TCS controls can be switched off by using OFF mode. TRACTION mode allows to turn off Vehicle Dynamics Control System while TCS engine restraints are kept active.

Personalize Your Ride.

Whilst every WRX STI come generously equipped, Subaru accessories are the perfect way to tailor your Subaru to your life and your style. Whether you want to add convenience, enhance functionality, or personalise your WRX STI’s appearance, Subaru accessories are designed to provide the same fit and quality as your Subaru vehicle. For more details, ask for the accessory brochure, or visit your nearest Subaru dealer.

Door Visor

Exhaust Finisher

Side Sill Plate

Carpet Mat Premium (LHD/RHD)

STI Shift Knob, Aluminium & Leather (6MT)

STI Quick Shift Linkage (6MT)

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